“Love the child! Do not be brave, serious,

A perpetual smile is played from the mirror of his eye.

Stay the child: child, as long as possible,

Then he feels seriously his life.

Hintsen the hatched tarragon flowers,

Dalo the bird under the shadowy foliage.

Chatter the streams of glittering streams –

Remove the tears of the child softly! “

Lajos Pósa

Dear Parents!

We all know that the most important period for our children and their future is young children, as the family as their most important value, love, security, permanence, gaming, gaining more and more experience, insoluble knowledge suits determine their lives. As a practicing parent, however, we have faced a very limited number of places that provide a nice, calm and adequate environment for the development of children, under the guidance of skilled teachers who also consider their chosen profession as a goal for life. We know that children’s sense of security is constancy, a calm environment, the usual faces, objects, smells. These considerations were taken into account when we created our institution where we are expecting children from the ages of 18 to the age of 3 in our 2 nursery groups,  Source: Express Blogger