“Love your child! Do not be sad, stern,

Play eternal smile of the mirror of your eyes.

Keep your child: children, as long as you can

They’ll feel the life also heavy.

Sprinkle the brightly colored springtime flowers,

Birds are singing in the shade of greenary.

Tinkle your glittering pearls stream  –

Wipe gently tears of the child! ”

Pósa Lajos

Dear Parents!

We all know that our children and their future in terms of the most significant periods in the early years, because of the family as the most important values ​​of love, security, stability, the game, acquisition, satisfaction of the insoluble thirst for knowledge is more and more experience defines their lives.

Training as a parent, however, faced with that very little of the place, which is nice and peaceful and provides a suitable environment for the development of children, under the guidance of qualified teachers who are considered to be life purpose is chosen profession. We know that children’s sense of security of permanence in the tranquil environment of familiar faces, objects, scents are.

These aspects were taken into consideration when we created our institution, where we are welcoming the little ones  from 18 months until 3 years old in our two groups. Start from 3 years old begins the bilingualed education in English and Hungarian, we would like to recommend our pages to see more information, hoping that you might visit our kindergarten soon.