Our nursery from 18 month guide, observe and being part of children daily development with playful disciplins until they are 3 years old.

Our familiar milieu, and the small groups make it possible that your children get comfortable with society by their own needs.

Our goals are to teach children to get to know the environment, being aware of nature, movement, develope abilities and skills by their age and mental level, introducing the secret world of english language.

Small children are equaily fertile seeds for good and bad to take in. Our task is to ensure that they got to be supported and guided by the right and socially excepted norms surranded by loving and caring athmosphere.

In these days and age playing is the main role. Wondering begins here, so we should build on this, to combine education to incorporate the teaching of our daily programs, their pleasure in practice, according to their emotions individualed development. We must avoid the constraints, however, we had to set up a daily, repetitive program, which not only simplifies their lives, but also a sense of security, tranquility for tiny souls.


Regulary programs are also helping to achieve our goals:

1, Kindergarten musicion (1 per week for 45 minutes, musical instruments, lots of music, movement and singing)

2, English lessons 2 x 30 minutes per week: singing, poems, activities in english

3, Trips per every two month (wagon ride, visiting market, Margaret Island – a petting zoo, Zoo – feeding elephants, visiting firestation, etc …)

3, Celebrating Birthdays (greatings, cake fireworks, balloons, gift)