Santa Claus

Big and small are also wait for the big day coming, songs, poems are made to fit the way to thank their received gifts. Santa calls everyone by name, and say a few kind words before He hands over the gift. At farewell we all sing happily  for closing the celebration.

Christmas – Advent evening

Our institution considere Christmas as an internal family celebration, which give you an opportunity to a warm and fun gathering with your children, arts and crafts. There are goodies some of the family brought and other honey and ginger biscuits are baked and decorated by the children.


Funniest day of the year! On this day kindergarten teachers also dressed in costumes, all the kids are watching each other creative and playful clothes (the toddlers are usually more shy about dressing up). On this day what else could be for morning snack as the carnival doughnuts with homemade apricot jam. During the day, various games and face painting ensure that the nursery, kindergarten children and teachers spend the day in a party mood.


This is the first celebration of springtime, which we organize outdoor if the weather makes it possible. Throughout the morning we play fun games, but around 10 o’clock there are news that something had happened in the garden. We go out into the yard, where the treasure hunt begins. Under bushes, on branches of trees, a small gifts are waiting for the sharp-eyed treasure seekers, and soon everyone is happily playing with the small presents they found. After that there are variety of arcade games in the garden.

Mother’s Day

For tis feast we prepare a show with music and singing, which played separately by each group for their mothers and grandmothers. For this day even the little ones are singing songs, rhymes, poems, dressed nice, because they know this is the day of love, gratitude and thankfulness for mothers. After the show they handle the hand made gifts and flowers.

Children’s Day

All about playing together, and having playful races. Each year has a special theme (animals, plants, folk customs, etc …) We decorate the kindergarten everywhere with balloons so the children immadiately feel, it is a special day for them. During the day there are face painting, children entertainment programs.


End of term, graduation

With the rhymes, songs, dramashow they learned during the year surprise and delight all the parents and ends the educational year with graduation bound together.

On this day we all say goodbye to the children who will go to school. They get a graduation bag, which has a gift inside, and also the traditional ash baked pasterie – “pogácsa”. They walk and sing trough their empire, the garden, and say goodbye to the younger groups, the teachers and nannies.